10 Different Types Of Necklaces


A necklace can be defined as an ornament that is worn around the neck. It is generally made up of a metal in form of a chain or manufactured or woven from cloth using twine or string. Western beaded necklaces are also very common. Common features of necklaces include colourful stones, wood, art glass, shells etc. Wearing a necklace gives a classic and modern look.

Necklaces are of different types. Some are discussed below:

1. Collar necklace: Coller necklace are also popularly known as crewneck. They are around twelve to fourteen inches long and are basically worn in halfway up of the neck. These are best suited with a boat neck or round neck dresses. Long dresses which give the option to show off shoulders also go pretty well with these necklaces.

collar necklaces

2. Choker: These types of necklaces are around fourteen to sixteen inches long in nature. They are generally worn under one’s collar bone. They are stiff and remain inelastic around the neck. They commonly come with a single strand. If you want to avoid stiff collars, then you can easily prefer this option. But at the same time if you want to highlight your neck and neckline, its better not to use choker.

choker necklaces

3. Princess: These necklaces hang under the collar bone. These are around seventeen to nineteen inches long and are one of the most popular necklaces that women love to wear. Princess necklace can be worn with any dress or top having a collar either below the necklace or above it. This kind of fashion accessory also goes well with dresses that have a crew neck or a polo neck.

princes necklaces

4. Matinee: These are one of the most adaptable necklaces. They that can be worn with both formal and informal dresses. They are mid length and stays on the trunk.

matinee necklaces
5. Opera: Opera is best for those who love to create a dramatic look. These are long and are twenty-eight inches to thirty-four inches long. You can make a double loop at the neck to give your neck an elegant touch with Opera. A formal gown with this necklace would look awesome.

opera necklace

6. Rosary: These are simple Y shaped necklaces. They have a cross pendant.

Rosary necklaces

7. Graduated necklace: These are one-strand necklaces that have the size of small pearls and are graduated from the front of the necklace.

graduated necklace

8. Plastron: These are heavy and covers the whole chest part of a body. These can be both stiff and flexible.

Plastron necklaces

9. Twist: Twist necklaces are made up of lot of twisted strands.

twist necklace

10. Rope: They are one of the most stylish necklaces that can be worn. They are around thirty-five to forty-five inches long. Several knots are made to give the necklace a unique look. These can even be used as bracelets.

rope necklace


9 thoughts on “10 Different Types Of Necklaces

  1. You are absolutely right about matinee necklaces being adaptable necklaces out there! Having to wear only white tees and jeans with this necklace on your neck can make you look presentable and also chic at the same time!

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