What Should You Take Along To Your Bridal Gown Alteration?


Attending a fitting session with a tailor for your wedding dress can feel like a working session. The sole purpose of the meeting would be addressing your fitting concerns. Besides that, you must also convey details about your measurements and have them thoroughly checked. In order to make the session more fruitful, you will have to carry along a few important things. They have been described below elaborately:

For allowing your tailor or alterer to contour the gown along your curves and achieve a personalised look, wear your foundation garments such as hosiery, bra, body or leg shapers, etc. It would help the dressmaker to mark your gown precisely for making accurate bridal alterations along the bodice, side seams, skirt area and neckline.

It can be greatly beneficial to wear your wedding footwear to any bridal alteration session in Bristol. The heels would play an integral part in the meeting by aiding your tailor to adjust a more accurate length for your gown. In case your shoes would not be available before the big day, put on heels with similar height. At the tailor’s shop, walk around in your shoes and dress to make sure that you are comfortable. Look at your reflection in a three-way mirror and ensure that the hemline appears uniform all around.

Take all of your bridal accessories along with you, be it a necklace, statement earrings or something else. Wearing them would enable the tailor to make required adjustments to the neckline or collar for accommodating your pieces. If you are planning to sport any special hairdo, style it at the session as well. Also, do not forget to wear your bridal veil.

Last but not the least, if you have any notebook or scrapbook with visual references such as magazine clippings, trim samples, etc., take it along with you and show those references to the tailor. In case you have been dieting and your notebook contains a record of the changes in your body weight, it is all the more important for you to show that record to your alterer.

In order to make sure that your wedding dress fits you like a glove, do not forget to pack in any of these things before going to the alteration session. Have a friend or family member accompany you who would be able to help you out for deciding the changes.

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