Promoting Workplace Safety Regulations

It is important to promote occupational safety regulations effectively. This is because an unsecured work environment can not only have adverse impact on company productivity, but also affect health of the employees simultaneously, which would in turn spike up the expenses through damaged equipment and insurance inflations. Workplace safety normally involves developing amicable relationships among workers, preventing mishaps and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment.


Appointing a safety officer is the first step towards making sure that all security policies, including the relevant state and federal laws, are followed by each and every person within the company. The officer should be responsible for conducting awareness programs as well. Monthly safety meetings must also held compulsorily for employees, executives and managers. During such meetings, each attendee must sign in for verifying their presence. This attendance should be incorporated as a part of the criteria for annual performance review. Various security issues must be addressed for stressing their seriousness within the organisation.

workplace safetyAt least one week in every month should be assigned as the safety awareness week. Throughout this time, employees must be supplied with materials containing information about safety policies of the company. At the end of the week, they must be made to give a test based on the policies. Employees who perform well on the tests should be given rewards. Training can be made a part of the company safety program for providing education to workers in different security procedures. The programs may be used for teaching such topics as ergonomics, chemical handling and treatment of blood-borne pathogens. In addition to that, leadership training can also be used for teaching workers how to lead and motivate each other in safety efforts. Training is the best opportunity for encouraging employees to perform their duties in a safe way.

Printing safety posters which consist of quick reminders and images about the safety rules of the company can help in getting the point across quickly. For instance, printed picture of somebody falling from the ladder can be used for emphasizing the significance of ladder safety product. The posters should be displayed all throughout a company.

Collection boxes can be set up within the premises of an office where workers may anonymously submit complaints about violation of safety policies. It is also vital to have a discreet system through which workers can report incidents of physical harassment, intimidation and verbal abuse by other employees.

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