Different Kinds of Wedding Flowers Bouquets for Brides

HairBouquets are the most popular accessory for brides to walk down the aisle. So, they need to be very unique. Here we have shared some bouquet ideas that are going to work great for brides. Bridesmaids can also use them if they want.

Wrist corsage: It is a small flower arrangement that’s secured to the bride’s wrist. Orchids, roses and other kinds of small flowers work well. The best thing about this variety is that you can keep both your hands free. It is ideal for brides who are going to hug a lot of guests.

Pomander: Also popular as kissing ball, it is the round ball shaped flowers with a delicate ribbon handle. It’s easy carrying because the ribbon slips over the wrist. The roses are hot favorites for pomanders. However, carnations and gerberas can also be used. This is carried usually by the bridesmaids and the flower girls but a bride can look gorgeous as well while carrying.

Hair decoration: This can be stylish as well as elegant. You can opt for a large flower like lily to form the main point of the arrangement. It is mainly worn on one side of head. When using flowers this way, make sure you incorporate the jewels, beads and a few feathers to your hair decoration. If you want, you can even consult with your florist in Churchill to come up with something unique, which suits your persona and matches your boutonniere.

Prayer book: Other than holding a bouquet, brides can also hold a bible or prayer book. Some of the brides like decorating their prayer books with ribbons or small arrangements of flowers. You can use a bible, which was gifted to you or if you want you can also purchase a new holy book as sign of your fresh and new life.

Candle holder or lantern: This is great option for weddings that are done in churches at evening. The candles are quire romantic and can add enlightenment to the occasion. Non-drip candles are to be used. If it’s a lantern, then the one that completely encloses the flame needs to be used as that’s going to lessen the risk of any accident. Base of candle holder or lantern should be decorated with small arrangements of wedding flowers by season. But it must match with the colors of the wedding theme.


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