Different Types of Ladder Safety Accessories

Most professional construction workers are well-versed with different types of ladder safety accessories. However, not all people who work with ladders are aware of them. These items are typically used for ensuring safety and stability. Having them at hand can help any user to undertake any task that involves working at heights. And that too, without compromising the safety of oneself and others around.

Let us have a look at some of the different types of ladder accessories available in the market:

ladder leveler

: It may not always be possible to position a ladder on an entirely level surface and if not grounded properly, the user can run the risk of plummeting. Levellers can be attached to the base of a ladder to compensate for an unstable platform. These levellers can be either block with varying widths meant to prevent slippage or curved bases which adjust for matching different terrains. They are especially utilitarian when working around stairs.

ladder platform

Platform: Maintaining one’s own equilibrium while working on a ladder with tools, paints and other items can be very difficult. But platforms aid in addressing this issue as well as offering a place for resting unneeded objects. These miniature shelves are detachable, enabling users to reattach them at the required level whenever necessary.

ladder stabilizer

Stabiliser: A stabiliser increases the safety factor by extending out a ladder’s base, stabilising its bottom and decreasing the chances of tipping. This useful safety equipment generally comes in the shape of long rods which are connected to the ladder at its base and extend outwards. The rods can stretch out as far as a metre, or even remain compact to fit in enclosed spaces. For extra stability, one may opt for a stabiliser which attaches to a ladder at two different points – halfway up and the base.

ladder gate

Gate: Handymen and homeowners who make frequent use of ladders must take into account the safety of people around them, whether they are present or away. Those who need to keep away a ladder for a long period of time can benefit greatly from the gates, as these accessories act as locks and prevent access to the higher rungs. This can aid in keeping small children from climbing up, reducing their chances of causing any unwanted mishaps and preventing them from laying hands on power tools.

There are many online stores that offer these kind of ladder accessories online. If you are in the construction industry and need ladder for working at heights make sure you buy these accessories for the safety of yourself as well as others.

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