Self-Adhesive Wallpapers Are Better Than Traditional Ones

Self-adhesive wallpapers are a modern substitute to the traditional ones. One of their primary advantages is that they do not need any extra adhesive for installation. Some of the popular materials used for making them are vinyl, Smart Stick and Phototex. Among them, Phototex self adhesive wallpaper is highly durable, reusable and safe for applying on painted walls. The ones manufactured using vinyl can even be used in bathrooms and kitchens, as they are highly waterproof.

There are several reasons as to why self-adhesive wallpapers are preferred more than their traditional counterparts. Let’s have a look at some of the main justifications:

self adhesive wallpaper

Self-Adhesive Wallpapers Can Stick On Their Own

As has been already mentioned in the beginning of the blog, traditional wallpapers require some paste or adhesive in order to adhere to the surface they are being applied on. However, nothing as such needs to be done for the self-adhesive ones. They can simply be stuck to the wall with the pre-applied adhesive on their back surface, and that is what makes them ideal for a variety of places like dorm rooms, apartments and even temporary decorations.

Difference In Price

Traditional wallpapers come in a wide range of prices, some being very cheap and others incredibly expensive. In addition to that, there are separate charges for the adhesive and accessories like solvent. If a professional is being hired to do the installation, he or she would also have to be given a labour charge.

Self-adhesive wallpapers can easily be installed on one’s own and therefore, are more money-saving than their traditional counterparts. They are also available at much cheaper rates than the traditional ones.

self adhesive wallpaper

Easier To Take Down

After a certain period of time, a wallpaper will have to be removed for purposes like relocation or redecoration. If it is traditional, the owner will have a hard time removing it. It would also leave behind nasty and stubborn adhesive residue on the wall. With a self-adhesive material like Phototex, however, removing is quite easy. One will just have to peel it off slowly from the wall, without having to worry causing about any damage to the underlying paintwork or any sticky residue being left behind. Thus, self-stick options are perfect for temporary purpose.

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