Things to Consider While Buying a Used Accordion

accordionsA used accordion can be quite a complex instrument and if you are planning to buy one, there are certain features of it which you will have to consider and examine properly. You may or may not have to do repairs after purchasing it and so, make sure that the price you are paying to your seller for a used accordion does not include of a part that is damaged. Some common damages include missing or worn valve leathers, torn leather straps, rusted reed plates, and damaged bellows.

Like any other instrument, Irish made accordions age gracefully if they are properly kept and maintained. Therefore, buying a used one can be wise choice if you are a professional artist. However, when considering a particular used accordion for purchase, make sure that the previous owner took proper care of the instrument and stored it in climate-controlled environments. Moisture, extreme temperature changes and heat can often damage inner regions of an accordion. Therefore, buy such an item that has got documented results of expert inspection.

Next comes consideration of the tuning process that was followed for the accordion you are buying. There are techniques for tuning accordions – wet tuning and dry tuning. Wet tuning is done in such a way that one reed bank sounds a bit off than another bank in one particular octave. Dry tuning refers to matching the reed banks with the pitch. Ask the seller about the tuning history of the accordion.

Do some research about the dimensions and weights of accordions if it is the first time you are buying the instrument. Many accordions have a bulky structure and weight differs as per the number of keys and reeds, and their size. The tone chamber, often found in accordions that are used for classical and jazz, is a functional part as it regulates the sound emitted by specific reeds and makes it smoother. But it also increases the weight and price of the instrument.

If you are purchasing a free bass accordion, check the coordination of its bass buttons and the notes played by them. Some models also allow switching between notes back and forth, while others only have free bass. However, these Irish musical instruments are only for use by professionals and would not be a wise choice for you if you only need something to practice beginner’s lessons.

Some accordions are even provided with pre-installed microphone. If you are buying such an item, check the feature carefully.

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