Why Choose Authentic Upholstery For Your Furniture Reupholstering Job in Sydney?

furnitureIf you have an antique furniture at your home in Sydney with its upholstery completely torn or in bad shape, there is no need for you to buy a new piece for use. What you can do is opt for reupholstering. Authentic Upholstery is a reputed furniture repair & re-upholstery specialist in Sydney who can help you with your reupholstering job.

As a furniture repair and re-upholstery expert, they will first analyse the quality of your furniture and suggest you whether reupholstering the piece would really be a good idea. If it’s of solid wood, then getting the job done would be fine but if the furniture is made up of plywood or veneer, then they will suggest you not to go for it as it won’t last quite long. They will also check the furniture for any noise, imbalance or squeaks and see if it is in good shape and if it is worth reupholstering. They make sure to look at the construction for determining if there is any major problem area or damage that needs to be fixed up. If they find any, they will ask you to repair it first.

Choosing the upholstering fabric comes next. There are many reupholstering specialist who will just ask you to choose the fabric that you think is best for your use and after you choose they will start with their work. But Authentic Upholstery will suggest you what kind of fabric will go best for your piece of furniture keeping in mind the placement of it as well as the interior design of your house.

Authentic Upholstery use pliers, hammer, flat-head screwdriver, staple gun with staples and sewing machine with proper supplies to get their job done efficiently. They even work slowly and carefully for removing the fabric from the furniture by pulling out all the staples/screws/tacks, which hold it in place. They use a flat-head screwdriver for pulling out every staple. They don’t cut any fabric.

Removing old fabric generally exposes the dirty underside of an used furniture. It is thus always best to clean up the dirty spaces before adding anything new and as a furniture repair and reupholstering specialist, Authentic Upholstery makes sure they do this. After doing all these, they then measure and cut the new fabric, sew it and staples it to the antique piece of furniture. And the best part about their service is that they charge very little for their job.

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