3 Ways to Decorate Cushion Covers for Conservatory Furniture

New Cushion Covers for Conservatory FurnitureConservatory furniture is the coolest and lightest kind of fittings that can be used for indoor decorations as well outdoor purposes. Cane furniture and rattan are the two classic style of furniture that is widely used around the world. These kinds of fittings do not come with attached cushions. Hence you can get full liberty to choose your favourite style of cushions and their covers.

Here are some tricks to enhance your cushion covers at home.

Add a fabric slip: A simple fabric slip can make a cushion cover more enhanced. While you are planning to make new covers for conservatory furniture look for glittery and shiny fabric slips. Fabrics like velvet and lace gives the luxurious look on the covers. Using a strip of this kind of fabric at the edge of the cover will match the looks with your indoor decor.

Adding ribbons and trims: This is the easiest way of decorating a cushion cover at home. Buy 4-5 different kinds of ribbon or fabric trims from the market. You can use one at a time or you can go more innovative by using 5 trimming altogether. Combine them together and stitch on the cover that you bought previously.

To change the looks of the cushions frequently, you can do this by placing a Velcro at the edge of the old cushion cover and on the strip. You can remove the strips and place another strip when you plan to make any change in the looks.

Sewing buttons: A simple looking button can be a good idea for decorating a dull looking cushion cover into a stylish home decorating piece. You can collect the unused buttons that you have in your house and then make some layout in your mind to use them on the covers accordingly. Crafty metal buttons can be placed at the centre making some pattern or small design. Colourful plastic sewed buttons can even be used at the edges.


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