Downloading V/S Streaming Music. Which one do you prefer?

Do you prefer listening to music by downloading or streaming? Which one is more preferred according to you? Let us find out the difference between the two first to come to a conclusion.

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Music in Irish Pubs

Music has been an essential ingredient of weddings, religious ceremonies, parties and other events in Ireland since time immemorial. But before the dawn of the 20th century, the traditional facet of Irish music was more or less limited to free sessions organised at homes. Public concerts, recordings and pub sessions were not nearly as popular…

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The Role of Music in Our Lives

Music is one of the greatest creation of mankind. It touches the soul & helps a man to manifest the unspoken desire & humanity in him with empathy. The effect of music actually separates a man from other kinds of animals. It has the capacity of breaking boundaries for uniting people from various backgrounds &…

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