Fundamental Parts of an Automobile

automobileCars and other vehicles play a significant role in our modernised lives. But not all of us care to seek information about the components, principles and engineering that are assimilated for making all the different types of luxury and economic cars existing today. To know more about the main components of a car, continue reading.

Drive Train:  This part is the heart and sinew of an automobile. It contains an engine which can combust fuel and is, somewhat, electric. The transmission enables the engine to work in an optimal range and connects with the engine’s output shaft. It can be manual or automatic. In cars with rear-wheel drives, the transmission and the reduction gear are connected to each other by means of the drive shaft whereas cars having front-wheel drives are provided with directly connected transmission. Power is provided by a device known as differential which maintains harmony among revolutions of the wheels.

Body and Frame: The frame or chassis of a car is the rigid platform on which everything else is mounted. It also acts as a shock absorber at the time of crashes and accidents. Most vehicles are provided with a unibody chassis onto which some major elements of the body are welded for enhancing rigidity and strength. The body is placed on top of the chassis and comprises of roof, hood, doors, body panels and windows.

Control System: The control system of a car comprises of the accelerator pedal, suspension, steering wheel and brakes, among which suspension is the most important. It is essentially a series of springs and levers that allow independent movement of the wheels and help to absorb the energy from bumps while transferring some of it to the body and passengers. Another important function of the suspension is to improve handling during accelerating, cornering and braking.

Fuel System: The primary function of this system is storing and supplying fuel to a cylindrical chamber, where it is amalgamated with air. The mixture is then vaporized and combusted to produce the energy required for running the car.

There are several other primary as well as secondary parts within an automobile, which work collectively for smooth functioning of the vehicle. Nowadays, there are many motor training institutions that provide automotive training courses in Ireland. If you want to know more about automobiles, you can pursue one of these courses.

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