A Brief Overview Of Professionals Associated With The Clothing Industry

Clothing IndustryMost of us in UK might be familiar with the terms tailors, seamstresses, pattern makers and dressmakers. Yes, all of them are related in one way or the other to the clothing industry. But how much idea do we have about the kind of work done by each of the professionals? This blog provides a detailed insight into their trades as well as the equipment used by them for getting the job done. Read on to find out:tailors in bristolTailor: The profession of a tailor dates back to 13th century, when it referred to a person who could cut and sew cloth into shapeless garments for men as well as women. During the Middle Ages, tailors started to create clothes which highlighted human shape instead of concealing it. This eventually gave birth to modern tailoring, which required the professionals to have a sound understanding of stitching techniques, fabrics and patterns. Nowadays, a tailor usually works by taking accurate measurements of their clients and sewing garments accordingly.dressmakerDress Maker: Unlike what might seem obvious from the term, the profession of a dress maker does not just involve fabrication of dresses. During the Medieval era, they prepared all types of wearables, excluding children’s clothing and undergarments. In 18th century, a dress maker was also known as mantuamaker, a term derived from a kind of loose robe called ‘mantua’ worn by women around that time. Contemporarily, dress makers in Bristol and other regions of UK use special measuring skills and sewing techniques to do their work. They are also required to be good communicators so as to understand the requirements of their clients carefully. Performing repairs and alterations is a part of their profession as well.pattern makerPattern Maker: Pattern makers have a very important role to play in the industry. They possess specific technical skills to work with geometric concepts for breaking down patterns into arrays of small shapes. In other words, they must ensure that a clothing item can be assembled easily by a manufacturer using supplied instructions.SeamstressSeamstress: In olden times, seamstress were primarily daughters and wives of tailors who possessed basic sewing skills. But nowadays, men as well as women can work as seamstresses. Their work generally includes amendments & alterations, but they are also comfortable in working with different kinds of fabrics. A seamstress is usually adept at sewing by hand or with a machine.

Though all of the above mentioned professions are ages old, the techniques involved in them have evolved with time and are now accomplished using advanced tools & equipment.

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