Popular Backlit Films In UK

Popular Backlit Films

Popular Backlit Films

Backlit signage is one of the most effective forms of visual advertising media that has been dominating the corporate realm as well as retail sector for a long time now. It is used extensively as eye-catching POS displays, trade show banners, shop front signs, etc. at business conventions, shopping malls, airports, hotels and many other places.

There are a plenty of backlit film products available in the signage market of UK, but only a handful of them have been able to secure the trust of users. They are utilised more frequently and provide excellent results with various light sources such as LEDs and fluorescent tubes. Let’s take a detailed look at those popular backlit films in UK:


Duratrans backlit film is a benchmark product by Kodak. It is basically a photographic and translucent film made out of silver halide that can be printed by exposure of blue, green and red lasers from a compatible printer. Duratrans offers excellent contrast, brilliance and colour saturation, which makes it an ideal choice for high end applications in art galleries, shopping malls, cosmetic boutiques and jewellery stores. Other names commonly used for referring to Duratrans include Lambda Prints, LightJet Prints and C Prints.

Semi Opaque Polystyrene

Also known as translucent styrene, semi opaque polystyrene is highly cost-effective and also perfect for applications requiring multiple backlit roll-outs. It comes in a wide range of opacity and thickness options, starting from dead-white opaque right up to fully translucent. Although the more opaque and thicker variants are used much commonly by the retail sector in the form of front-lit visual media, the less dense and translucent options work great as outdoor backlit signage, such as telephone kiosks and bus shelters.

Inkjet Films

Inkjet films, which are known by several popular names like DuraView, DuraTex and DuraPrint, are also used extensively as digital printed graphics. They are applied with a special coating that ensures effective absorption of ink. Many people regard inkjet films as the most effective backlit signage materials, second in quality only to Duratrans. They are cheaper as well as highly resistant to tear, smudge and scratches. They have become a commonly preferred option for creation of economical and high quality outdoor displays.

Backlit Film

It should be kept in mind that all of above mentioned products can produce top notch results when used as backlit graphics . However, the ultimate choice would greatly depend on quality requirements and budget.

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