Things To Consider While Planning To Get a Wedding Dress Altered


So your wedding is still a couple of months away, and you have already bought a fantastic wedding dress complete with all essential features that you believe would accentuate your elegance. But for some reason, the gown does not fit you properly and you need to get it altered. Whether the required alteration is a major adjustment or a minor one, there are certain factors you will have to consider before beginning your search for a competent tailor. Have a look at the undermentioned aspects:


In order to get your wedding dress altered, it would be prudent if you find someone who has years of experience in the field. Search the websites of local professionals and compare them in order to choose the most appropriate service provider. You can even ask your friends or family members for references. Word of mouth helps more often than people believe.

Type of Alteration

There exist three primary types of bridal alterations in Bristol or anywhere within UK – hemming adjustment, sleeve shortening and bodice alteration. Any required adjustment is done based on these three fittings. Determine carefully what you need. It is important that you buy your head dress, shoes and other accessories well in advance before getting your gown fitted properly. It would help you in determining how you would look on your big day with everything on.

wedding dress alteration

The cost of getting a wedding dress altered generally depends on the complexity of the adjustment work and style of the gown. The overall work is usually expensive, but always worth the investment made. In case you have a stiff budget, try to frame an estimate of the expenses and search for a good professional based on that.


Performing alterations on a wedding dress is something that requires a lot of skill as well as time. Therefore, do not wait for the last moment to locate a good tailor and submit your gown to them for adjustments. Instead, give the dress to your chosen professional at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Recognise the fact that rush services usually cost double the normal rate.

Besides taking the above mentioned factors into consideration, make sure that you convey your requirements to the tailor elaborately. Take your time for explaining each and every detail. Allow the professional plenty of time to work, because rushing things can result in extremely unappealing and unattractive defects. Above all, choose your service provider wisely and carefully.

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