Different Types Of Fabrics Used For Outdoor Upholstery

While making plans to buy furniture for a patio, the most important factor to consider is perhaps choosing a suitable kind of upholstery fabric. There are a wide range of outdoor upholstery fabric options available in the market of Sydney that one can choose from. However, it is important to weigh the features and benefits of each type before selecting a particular one.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular fabric types suitable for outdoor upholstery in Sydney:

Vinyl :
Vinyl is a resilient and sturdy choice for outdoor furniture upholstery. It is highly resistant to water and scratches, and can also hold up even with frequent usage. However, exposure to excessive direct sunlight can be detrimental for this fabric. Extreme heat can also cause it to become brittle and form cracks.
Vinyl Fabrics.jpg

Cotton/Poly Blend :
Cotton/poly blends designed specially for outdoor use are sold by many upholstery firms in Sydney. However, this fabric type should only be chosen if the furniture items are going to be placed in a protected and shaded patio. A cotton/poly blend does not have water resistant properties, but can be treated separately to resist water damage. Nevertheless, the fabric is vulnerable to sunlight and fades colour easily.
Cotton or Poly Blend Fabrics 02.jpg

Nylon :
Nylon is a fibrous and synthetic material that can withstand wear and tear as well as direct rays of the sun. Its surface is so smooth that water can run off of it rather than seeping inside. The fabric can last for long even with frequent use and generally comes in a wide range of colour and design options.
Nylon fabrics 02.jpg

Pure Cotton :
Although this fabric can be used for furniture meant to be placed in a patio, it would not be suitable unless the patio is a covered deck. Otherwise sunlight will easily fade the designs and colours of the fabric, making it weak and imparting a yellowish tinge to it. But the effects of sunlight on cotton can be reduced by treating it with protective solutions. Treatment with solutions would also help the fabric to resist stains from spills more effectively.
Pure Cotton Fabrics.jpg

No matter whatever fabric is chosen for outdoor upholstery, exercising proper care and maintenance is a must. Since outdoor furniture items are subjected to more detrimental elements than their indoor counterparts, it is important to care for them extensively. Not only will meticulous maintenance increase the lifespan of the fabric, but also help it in holding up better against natural wear and tear.

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