Structural Components of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are one of the most commonly used LED backlit lamps, well-known for their even light output, streamlined design structure and zero glare problems. Nowadays, they have become a popular option for modern interior lighting. However, very few people have any idea about the structural components of these products. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

led lighting pannelsBody Frame :

This is the edge cover designed specifically for ensuring thermal conductivity as well as inner protection. The body frame is generally made of aluminium, which provides a sleek outlook and proper heat dissipation. Some manufacturers are even making use of PVC for framing LED lighting panels. Although PVC is quite efficient when it comes to protection, the material is a very poor conductor of heat.

Guide Plate

The core component of any LED panel light is its guide plate. The design of this component is the most important technique dictating the effect of output light. Poor guide plates can cause dark spots and non-uniform output. Therefore, most manufacturers try to use either an effective plate design or top quality guide plates.

Reflective Plate

This one is generally applied for improving light efficiency in order to ensure high brightness. It is normally made out of a nanoscale material, the reflective rate of which can hiked up to 92 percent.

Light Diffuser

The diffuser helps in controlling output as well as the custom dimming options. It is manufactured using polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or polycarbonate (PC). Those made with PMMA are highly efficient, their performance often reaching upto 92 percent. On the other hand, PC made diffusers are very good at resisting oxidation. However, PMMA is used more commonly than PC at present.

Power Supply

For drawing power, LED panel lights have a driver system that ensures constant supply of current. The driver can either be isolated or non-isolated.

Light Source

The light source used in modern LED panel lights is a particular type of light emitting diode (2835). It is commonly used by most manufacturers due to its low power consumption and high luminous output.

Installation Accessories

These are the mounting brackets, suspension wires, etc. They are used for the primary purpose of installation. In order to increase sales, many manufacturers spend a great deal on these accessories and enhance their appearance, quality, design and performance. This is, however, a very important thing to take into account while marketing LED panel lights.

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