Material Choices For Backlit Graphics

As most of us know, a backlit graphic is any advertising media lit from behind that can be used effectively for brand promotion or creating awareness about a new product. The type of materials used to create backlit graphics generally depends on the applications they are required for. Given below are some of the most commonly used materials, have a look:

Back Lit backlit papers altielPapers

They come in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, and are popularly used in applications like mall displays, bus shelters and temporary graphics. Although they cannot be used for creating high end graphics and may sometimes have a yellowish tinge, their low price makes them ideal for use in displays generally required in large numbers. Be it an A3 or A4 back lit paper, these products are worth their price more often.


Printable Films AltielPrintable Films

Printable films are available in a wide range of options nowadays, but only certain ones can be utilised for backlit graphics. Besides that, each option would produce a different result. Some of the most commonly preferred types include polystyrene, PVC, polyethylene, melamine, PVC and polyester.


Adhesive-Backed Vinyl FilmsAdhesive-Backed Vinyl Films

They are generally translucent or clear films which come with either a permanent or removable adhesive backing. Some versions are even manufactured using air-release technology in order to ensure easier installation. However, the best ones are those made from high quality plasticiser, because they are less prone shrinking and cracking.


Fabric Backlit

Fabric Backlit

Fabric backlit is being used by a large number of companies nowadays for creating effective backlit graphics and displays. This is because they are not only easy to install and lightweight, but can also produce dynamic vibrant colours when embossed using dye sublimation printing .



backlit bannerBacklit Banners

These are essentially scrim banners that have weaves reduced to very fine threads which become nearly invisible during the presence of light source behind them. They are generally used for places requiring big but inexpensive displays having no seams, like airports and live music concerts.


Litho-Printable Mylar PolyesterLitho-Printable Mylar/Polyester

This material comes in translucent as well as clear versions, and is generally used for making rolling displays, snap frames, theatre backdrops and roll-up displays. It retains ink excellently and therefore serves as an ideal material for creating durable graphics. It is available in various thickness options up to 10 millimetres.

Since there are many backlit material choices present in the market, it is important to consider one’s requirements meticulously while purchasing a certain product.


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