Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Flash Content From This September

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Google Chrome Blocking Flash Content

Google recently hammered a nail in the coffin for Adobe Flash Player’s web standard. In its blog post on August 9, 2016, it praised Flash and acknowledged its ‘pivotal role’ in the adoption of animation, video and gaming on internet. But at the same time Google even announced that it is going to de-emphasize Adobe Flash in its Chrome browser in favour of HTML5 from September.

Whenever Google Chrome 55 will come across any site, which will load Flash behind the scenes for supporting different things it is going to block all non-visible, small Flash elements on the web pages & switch to HTML5 web standard. After all, HTML5 provides reduced power consumption, better security and faster page load time.

As per Google’s blog post:

Today, more than 90% of Flash on the web loads behind the scenes to support things like page analytics. This kind of Flash slows…

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