How To Choose Good Fencing & Gates For A Farm

How To Choose Good Fencing & Gates For A Farm 04.pngThere are plenty of rural properties in Perth that depend on rickety, old-fashioned farm fencing and gates for keeping yards and paddocks sectioned off. Though this helps in achieving a visual perimeter, opting for short-lived or weak fencing materials for a farm can trigger several problems. Besides the risk of domesticated animals straying outside their enclosed paddocks, there are also possibilities of injury. Closing and locking jammed gates might easily create shoulder and back injuries.

In addition to all of that, outdated timber gates become brittle with age and gradually warp, which renders them even more ineffective to use. It can significantly hike up the amount of upkeep needed to keep the fencing and gates operational.

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The key to selecting the right kind of farm fencing is considering their application to finalise a decision according to it. Besides that, there are several other factors that need to be kept in mind:


Most farm gates currently in use are designed for separating various paddocks and sectioning off livestock yards. Their purpose necessitates them to be strong enough for preventing the animals from straying. However, they must also not be dangerous or harmful to the animals. Moreover, they should be ideally made of materials capable of withstanding long exposure to elements without rusting, breaking, falling apart or warping. The best option that meets all these requirements at present is Colorbond fencing and gates. Not only are they durable and strong, but also require less maintenance.


Installing fences or gates in a farm is not a tough job, but calls for skilled effort as well as time for proper execution. Their proper installation plays an important role in ensuring that they operate effectively later on. Again, Colorbond options are the best bet when it comes to quick and easy installation. They are also supplied and installed by several contracting firms in Perth. Therefore, all one needs to do is hire a good contractor and have a steel farm fencing installed without any hassle. This is why many people choose Colorbond fencing in Western Australia.


A farm gate installed across a wide opening may become quite difficult to close an open with time. If there are no driveways or dirt tracks across the opening, the problem can increase tenfold. Presence of dense weed or grass growth can spell more difficulty. A good way to combat such issues is fitting roller wheels to a farm gate for easy closing and opening.

Farm fencing and gates are supposed to be a one-time investment, therefore, they must be chosen carefully with meticulous consideration.

One thought on “How To Choose Good Fencing & Gates For A Farm

  1. I like your point about durability. If I was a farmer and had to fix my fence often it would be frustrating. The peace of mind that comes from a well-fenced property can help you relax a lot.

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