Some Tips To Use Ladder Safely While Cleaning Or Repairing Gutters

Gutter cleaning or repairing is a job that involves working at heights. Ladder in that case is a must. For you to use the ladder safety, here are some tips:

gutter cleaning

Always be alert even if you are on a Step Ladder

People usually become a bit less cautious when they are a few steps away from the ground using the step ladder. In fact, most of the accidents and injuries occur then. These ladders stand only three to six feet tall and so people lose focus on their safety thinking the height to be manageable. This is the biggest mistake they they do. Although accidents that occur due to fall from such heights doesn’t cause fatal injury, a nasty sprain or even a fracture may occur. So, being extra careful when working on a step ladder is essential, which most people overlook.

Have Contact with 3 Points at all Times

You must always have contact with 3 points while you are on the ladder. Have both your feet grounded and one of your hands holding the ladder tight. Falls usually occur when people take both their hands off of the ladder. Sometimes it is seen that people grip the gutter that they are cleaning. This is a big no. This would not only allow you to fall but you may bring down the gutters along with you as well.

gutter cleaning with ladder

Make use of leg levers, Ladder Lock and Stabiliser Bar

Leg levers allow to make a surface level. This product attaches to the bottom part of the extension ladder serving as a feet, it is used when necessary for perching the ladder’s legs on various tiers of a step, curb or a slope. But most of the homeowners don’t possess this attachment and try to create a level using stone slabs or bricks. This can prove to be very dangerous. So, putting yourself in risk with such a kind of makeshift leg lever is not a wise thing to do at all. Also don’t even waste money on attachments that you’ll use only once a year.

Using a ladder lock is a good option when cleaning gutters for your own safety. This product allows to secure the ladder to the gutters.

A stabiliser bar is also quite useful. It doesn’t allow the ladder from sliding side to side. It also keeps the piece of equipment from causing dents or scratches on your gutters.

Some more tips

A ladder should never be set up on:

  • Thinly layered areas of rocks, pebbles or sand
  • Edging stones around flower beds
  • Wet grass on incline
  • Ice or snow
  • Rugs
  • New stained decks

The topic of ladder safety is beyond the scope of a single article. Angling, proper set up, equipment and spotter assistance is pretty much detailed. These tips are going to help you start safely and get rid of the obvious risks of injury.

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