What Is Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye sublimation printing may be best defined as a high advanced printing method that makes use of breakthrough scientific technique for producing better quality pictures than other systems. The process generally involves heating of a special solid ink until it gets converted into vapours. The vapours are targeted into the surface that needs to be printed, and then revert to their original solid form.

large format printing

The biggest advantage of using dye sublimation printing is that it does not make the printed image look like a network of dots with void spaces in between when viewed from close quarters, as happens in the case of traditionally printed pictures. Instead, it gives a huge boost to the print quality, due to the fact that the ink colours fade in at edges of pixels through gradation. Thus, no white gaps form between the pixels, which helps the image to achieve a natural and robust look. Besides that, dye sublimation printing also reduces the image’s vulnerability to water damage and fading over time.

A typical dye sublimation printer consists of a long transparent film roll inside it, which resembles sheets of gray, blue, red and yellow cellophane stuck to one another by their ends. Solid dyes that correspond to the basic four printing colours – cyan, yellow, magenta and black – are embedded within the transparent film. As the print head passes over this film, it heats up and converts the dyes to gas vapours. The vaporised dyes permeate the surface of the printing paper before returning to their solid form.

Modern dye sublimation printers can produce prints quickly. and that too at high capacity. This feature makes them ideal for printing on the spot in places such as theme parks or events. The images come out from printer all dry and ready to be handled. There is no need for worrying about the pictures getting tarnished due to smudges.

Printers that are used for dye sublimation come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many companies even manufacture compact printers that can be ideal for need portable models. If a business needs a high quantity of prints within a short period for time, it can easily go for a dual deck dye sublimation printer. Some high-level printers are even designed to produce multiple photo finishes and image sizes. Large format printing supplies that are printed by dye sublimation process often find their use in various items such as hanging banners, exhibition graphics, event sashes, etc.


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