Advantages of Using RFID In Various Fields

The technology of RFID (radio frequency identification) has been available to us for more than half a century. But it was not until recently that we started to use it for a wide range of purposes, such as asset tracking, inventory management, supply chain management, etc. RFID software that is being been used extensively nowadays has proved to be a highly versatile form of technology with a vast potential.

Let’s have a look at some sectors that can benefit greatly from the usage of this technology

Healthcare Facilities:
There are a number of ways by which RFID technology can benefit healthcare facilities . It can allow medical firms to track transportation and delivery of supplies, help in maintaining an accurate inventory of costly implantable medical devices, reduce labour costs associated with resupplying, and enable real time location of doctors and nurses within a facility. It has been said that the technology can also prove to be helpful in tracking diseases and dangerous infections after operations in the near future.
Rfid Healthcare Facilities

Corporate Firms:
Many business firms still make use of traditional methods for maintaining paper records. Replacing those methods with RFID for document tracking can provide a corporate company several advantages. First of all, it would make the task of finding a lost or misplaced file easier and faster. Secondly, it will allow workers to spend more time in working productively instead of wasting precious time looking for missing documents.
RFID for document tracking

Workforce Management Systems:

Blending RFID & Workforce Management Solutions can enable multi-channel retailers to prepare appropriate schedules based on store requirements and associate productivity. Besides that, it would also help them to closely monitor the regularity of workers in training sessions.

Retail Stores:

Nowadays, many businesses are considering RFID as an effective solution alongside security guards and video surveillance for curbing retail theft in stores . All the products within a retail shop can be tagged with transponder chips, in addition to installation of an interrogator at the entrance. If a shoplifter tries to leave the store discreetly with any of the tagged items, the interrogator would immediately sound an alarm and alert the authorities about the theft.

Supply Chain Management:
RFID technology can play an effective role in supply chain management by allowing the professionals to keep a detailed record of inventories while they are entering and exiting through warehouses and the fulfillment process. Additionally, it can help to ensure proper delivery and bring down operation costs.
RFID- Supply Chain Management

Image Credit: Barcoding.Com, Infinium Solutionz, Deister.Com & EpC Global

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