Use Of RFID For Document Tracking

RFID For Document Tracking

Though most companies use electronic records for managing their vast number of documents, some of the files require a hard copy record. However, paper records can at times be rather difficult to find or may even get misplaced. In order to eliminate such problems, many establishments are starting to use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) document management systems for tracking paper records.

The technology of RFID provides companies with an efficient way for locating documents quickly. A simple tracking system consists of a hand held interrogator, labels or transponders, and a management database. Each of the labels contain a unique EPC (Electronic Product Code) identification number. When a document is labelled, its EPC number as well as identification are entered into the management database which contains essential info about the document, like its name, usage and designated location. As per the sophistication of a system, the management database is updated either manually or automatically. If a file is misplaced or lost, one would just need to type its EPC into a reader and walk around the office holding its trigger. When the reader begins to beep loudly, it means that the misplaced document is somewhere close. Unless the record has been removed or destroyed completely, it would not take more than a few minutes for finding it.

According to extensive surveys, an average office worker spends about 168 hours or a week’s time looking for misplaced or lost documents every year. Using RFID detection systems can not only prevent wastage of those hours, but also allow employees to invest that time in accomplishing more work by the end of the year.

Misplacement of a file can often be disastrous for a business, leading to expenses worth hundreds of dollars for procuring a replacement. Sometimes the lost document may not be replaceable at all. And situations like these create a very bad image of a business in front of clients. But an RFID management system can solve such problems even before they get a chance to happen. Besides saving time as well as money, it can safeguard the reputation of a company.

There is just one thing about RFID document tracking that needs to be taken into account imperatively. While the system provides a lot of convenience, RFID labels can be read from distance as well, which might cause security issues leading to theft of identity. Therefore, it is important to avoid inclusion of personally identifying details unless required.


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