Multi Point Fuel Injection System

Historically, machines and vehicles have made use of carburetor for delivering fuel to the engine. The carburetor, however, is an intricate item of machinery and became popular due to the demand of engines for specific circuits and fuel pumps. With the invention of fuel injection system, the response time and accuracy needed for convoluted engines to take in fuel were enabled. Multi point injection is such a fuel injection system, which delivers the right quantity of fuel to every engine cylinder, and that too at the right time.

Emissions : Emissions test outcomes are an extremely essential factor nowadays. Modern day cars emit only a tiny fraction of what old cars used to a few decades ago. Multi point injection system is a whole lot better, as it minimises the emission of toxic chemicals into the environment through burning of fossil fuels. As has been mentioned already, it delivers fuel precisely and leads to less production of noxious byproducts due to combustion of fuel within an engine. The implements inside the engine designed to clean exhausts are tweaked within a multi point system for improved efficiency.

Enhanced Fuel Consumption : Vehicles having dual point carburetors or fuel injection are deprived of the excellent fuel economy that automobiles with multi point injection get to enjoy. The main reason behind this is, older vehicles have less precise fuel delivery systems. A multi point system, on the other hand, due to being capable of providing the right quantity of gas to all cylinders, leads to negligible wastage of fuel. In course of time, the fuel saved helps the owner to spend considerably less money on gas.

Better Performance : Engine performance of a vehicle can suffer significantly due to usage of a carburetor. But with multi point injection, this does not happen due to a number of factors. Firstly, it atomises air which is taken in with the help of a miniature tube. Secondly, each specific function of the carburetor is controlled by a separate computerised system component. Thirdly, it allows conservation of energy through improvement of distribution from cylinder to cylinder.

In case any glitch occurs in the multi point fuel injection system of a vehicle, it is imperative that the system should be diagnosed immediately with the help of proper automotive diagnostic tools, such as those from Launch. However, one should make sure that the tools have been purchased from authorised distributors of Launch diagnostics in Ireland. Using pirated or duplicate products can corrupt the system and result in extensive damage.

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