Fuel Injectors – Why They Need To Be Cleaned

Fuel Injectors - Why They Need To Be Cleaned?.jpgVehicles that are older than a year or two may often require to be refilled more frequently than new cars or vans. Sometimes, they might also start showing signs of lacking the ‘jump’ they had earlier when the accelerator was hit. Frequent refilling or a sluggish accelerator are generally symptoms indicating that the fuel injectors of the vehicle are in trouble. Every year, unclean fuel injectors cause problems to many car owners because of their notorious ability to lower fuel economy, bring down performance, trigger misfiring, etc.

Before knowing more about the problems that dirty fuel injectors can lead to, let’s discuss about what they are. These injectors are essentially small devices meant to force fuel via a nozzle over the pistons in a uniform spray. An even pattern of spray ensures efficient combustion of the fuel. With passage of time, however, dirty fuel or aging can allow carbon to accumulate on the small devices, thereby disturbing the spray and decreasing fuel economy. At times, the carbon buildup might even block out the spray entirely and cause the injectors to malfunction.

Fuel Injectors - Why They Need To Be Cleaned.jpgCleaning the fuel injectors is not as complicated a task as people generally assume. All you need to do is take your car to a reputed center providing automotive services. The fuel system of your vehicle will be attached with a fuel injection flush, which would use a standard cleaning solution combined with gas for directly cleaning the injectors. This quick maintenance service would not only allow your car to cover more miles for every gallon, but also ensure better performance and a smoother engine.

Thus, instead of having the fuel injectors of your car replaced once they become redundant, you can get them checked regularly after every 30,000 or 40,000 miles. Doing so would help you to do more than just save money on gas. You will also be able to avoid costly repairs when the fuel burns efficiently. A good fuel injection service can even silence carbon knocks, which are knocking noises produced by the engine because of excessive carbon accumulation rubbing against the internal components. If you are lucky enough to visit a shop where they use a high quality cleaning solution, you may expect the liquid to eliminate carbon deposits in the valve and the fuel tank also.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an old car that consumes too much fuel, have its injector checked properly by a reliable auto mechanic.

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