Asha Bhavan Centre Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2015

World  Autism Awareness DayThe UN general Assembly on December 18, 2007 adopted a resolution which decalres that every year April 2 will be observed as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). This has motivated all the member states to take measures in raising awareness about autism all over the society and in encouraging early diagnosis as well as early intervention. Ithe day shines a very bright light on autism as growing global health crisis. Every year, autism organizations all over the world celebrate this special day with unique fundraising & awareness-raising events.

The WAAD activities basically help in increasing and developing world knowledge of autism epidemic & provide information on the significance of early diagnosis and early intervention. Moreover. WAAD celebrates unique skills and talents of people with autism. It is a day when autistic individuals are welcomed warmly and embraced in the community events all over the world.

Here I would like to mention about Asha Bhavan Centre, a NGO that deals with autistic people in India. They had a gala time on April 2 this year. In the afternoon, they had a huge gathering in their prayer hall at Kathila campus for observing the day. Programme that was arranged on the WAAD was facilitated by the Home Superintendent of Dominique Lapierre Home for Children with Disabilities in India. The Home Superintendent in the programme shared various facts and information about autism. Some of the facts and information which you too may not be aware of include:

    • Autism affects one in every sixty-eight children and one in every forty-two boys
    • Autism is a fast growing developmental disorder
    • Boys are more likely to be affected by autism than girls
    • There isn’t any medical detection or treatment for autism

After this, ABC’s respected president also added a valuable speech on the importance of this event and discussed how should we include autistic children in our mainstream society. While he was giving his speech, people even came to know about some prominent and famous personalities who were autistic as well but had done wonders in their fields by not giving importance to their disabilities.

The children & staff members of Asha Bhaven Centre also participated in an awareness programme on April 2, 2015, which was organized by the West Bengal Government’s  Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department. The programme was held at Rabindra Sadan in Kolkata.  West Bengal Government’s Honourable Minister in-Charge of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department, Ms. Sashi Panja, enlightened the lamp. Ms. Mita Banerjee, IAS, Commissioner ((Disability) of Govt. of West Bengal were also present in the programme.

ABC has been very happy and expressed their thankfulness for giving them the opportunity to join the programme organized by West Bengal Government.

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