How To Plan A Kitty Party?

kitty party

Kitty party is generally a gathering or a get-together of ladies that may be organised once in a month. Usually one member from the get-together group plans and organises the party. The small bash is normally organised in order to increase fun and interaction among friends. So if you are thinking to arrange a kitty party at your home then go through some simple steps stated below on how to arrange it.

1 Kitty Party Theme

One of the main things to take care of while organising a kitty party is planning an attractive theme. It will be better if you choose some uncommon theme for the event. Make sure your friends love whatever that you have selected. For example, ladies are generally fond of fashion, movies, beauty and so on. Select any of them and get ready to arrange for the fun! Inform your friends about the theme and ask them to dress up accordingly.

party theme

Your party must contain delicious and tasty meals in its menu. It will be better if the menu is decided in advance. The meals must include at least 3 courses. However, don’t forget to arrange some snacks like Haldiram bhujia, chips etc. and diet coke  for your friends. You can shop for all these items and even more right from the comfort of your home without going to the market. Grocery shopping online in Kolkata has after all become very popular nowadays. And so you can find  many online stores from where you can do grocery shopping online. These stores basically that can  provide a home delivery service and make the task of shopping easier.

party food


It is very important to organise a party that encompasses a lot of entertaining programs. A dull party will create a boring environment, resulting in an uncomfortable situation for your friends. In order to get some unique entertainment ideas simply search over the  Internet. You would be able to choose from plenty of creative ideas. Pick the most interesting one and get ready for the fun.

party entertainment


Other than including fun activities make the party an informative one too. You can do this by having a calligraphy or cooking demo, or organise a demo on fashion or make up tips. Invite a beauty expert in the party for a discussion to make it more interesting. Allow your invited guests to participate in a debate related to different social topics.

5Be a delightful host

On the day of the event just maintain a positive and welcoming attitude in order to make your guests feel comfortable. Communicate with each and every attendee and try to keep the conversation light and simple. Thank them for attending the party.

Party Host


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