My Experience With Disabled Persons at Asha Bhavan Centre

Alfred RogierI am Alfred Rogier, a social worker in France. I am concerned with helping families, individuals, communities and groups to enhance their collective as well as individual well-being. I found this blog recently. I even found a few posts on NGOs here and so thought of sharing my experience as well that I had with disabled people in one of the NGO’s in India.

I have come right from France and was doing a project on NGO Disabilities in India and for that I had to visit many  NGO for disabled persons in India. Here I would like to discuss about my experience in Asha Bhavan Centre- one such NGO that I visited. I really liked their project objectives and the way they worked. They could put a smile on my face. The NGO provides medical treatment, education and home for physically and mentally disabled / differently abled children, especially the children who are affected by learning disabilities and cerebral palsy.

2064-984046292When I arrived at the NGO, a lot of children welcomed me with a small bouquet of flower arrangements outside the building. With the bouquet in hand, I walked through the building up the office. There I was given information booklets about the work, which ABC does.

This was followed by touring the campus, which started in the communal room. Here I saw some children watching cartoons and playing. The children were quite friendly and wanted me to hold their hands as well as take pictures. I had a great time spending time with those innocent little ones. After this, I saw the physiotherapy room for the babies and children. It was quite fascinating to see what kind of processes were used to help improve the physical condition of these young children. Next, I went to the dorms and saw the beds. There again, I came across some friendly, happy children. After this, I was taken to the new wing that had the classrooms for children of all the ages. There I was able to see what kind of activities the children did regularly and even met some of the dedicated staffs who are involved with ABC.classroom-asha bhavan centre-ngo india

After an informative, short presentation, I was given lunch, which was truly delicious! I very much liked the fried doughnut and rice pudding. I then saw a video that gave me an insight into how ABC can have a great impact in wider community. In the Orthopaedics Department I was taken to show how they make support braces for those with conditions affecting their hands, legs and feet. Then they showed me the art, crafts and vocational areas. I even bought some small gifts that were made by young adults and children at ABC.Orthopaedics Department-ABCIndiaI was brought into the communal room in mid-afternoon. There I saw everyone sitting on the floor awaiting the celebration prepared by some children. Don’t think that the celebration was for me. It is something normal and usual at ABC. The function included recitation and dances of the children.

After the function ended, I bid them goodbye. It was a fantastic experience at ABC.

bye bye

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