What Kind of Fabric Is Used for Upholstering Commercial Seating?

fabric upholstery_ Authentic UpholsteryHigh tech textiles are having a huge demand when it comes to commercial upholstery in Sydney. They are elegant and have soft designs. They can take the abuse of guests, visitors and patients and still look superb. To create these kinds of fabrics, which are water, hear, UV, stain and wrinkle resistant, the fabric innovators today use chemical treatments, weaving techniques and new fibers into their production practice. These high-tech textiles are also popular in the market as smart, technical or functional textiles.

Fabric considerations: The fabric used for upholstering commercial public seating generally offers increased abrasion resistance because of the amount of traffic, which the commercial furniture generally encounters. However, the durability and performance of upholstery fabric depends upon different factors like use of furniture, construction of furniture, care and maintenance etc. There are even several factors that contribute to the fabric selection in the commercial upholstery applications: dimensional stability, durability, stain and soil resistance, fire retardance and appearance retention.

Booths, seats of restaurants, family visitation seating in nursing homes and hotel as well hospital lobby seating takes a lot of use and abuse. Fabrics used thus resist the rips and tears and can retain the original appearances by offering excellent colorfastness, soil resistance and stain.

When choosing fabrics for a few applications, upholsters also consider the ease of use. For instance, the patrons of restaurant generally expect to slide in as well as out of the booths without any resistance from fabric-covered upholstery. The ease of seating is always not an issue when choosing vinyl-covered fabrics but may be a real issue with high-pile constructions or brushed suede.

Nanotechnology: Nowadays nanotechnology is used for improving the performance and increasing the functionality of the textiles, resulting in developments, which have upgraded the existing product finishes and quality. For providing improved performance characteristics, the textile applications of this technology have mainly emphasized on using nanosized chemicals. These features include the barrier performance to chemicals and water, UV protection or absorption, reduction of static electricity and electrical conductivity, self –decontamination and antimicrobial.

Microfibers: Microfibers are also used in making the commercial upholstery fabrics. Microfibers may be constructed of nylon, polyester, acrylic or rayon, polyamide and give the fabric a soft touch and a luxurious feel. When the microfibers are knitted or woven into fabrics, they create waterproof materials that enhance soil and stain repellency. The furniture fabrics that are made with microtechnology for use in hotels, restaurants and nursing homes are actually resistant to wine, food, bleach, stain and felt markers.


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