Learn #hashtag strategy, and use hashtags regularly

ultimate-guide-to-hashtagHashtags will become more important than ever.

It’s likely that hashtags will help to drive search queries and Google’s search results. This is, admittedly, conjecture, but it seems likely that if tweets are part of the search results, then hashtagged terms within those tweets will also be searchable and visible.
It’s not a leap of logic to assume that any hashtagged queries will also produce additional Google results.

Hashtags are the new keywords — not just for social activity, but search activity, too.

Since all the major social platforms use hashtags, Google search has been forced to adapt. Now, your brand must adapt, too. Creating unique hashtags and capitalizing on the use of those hashtags will put you in a strong position to gain additional visibility and exposure s Google rolls out the application of their Twitter partnership.

For a quick visual summary of hashtags, check out this hashtag #Infographic bellow.

ultimate-guide-to-hashtagSources: kissmetrics.com | searchenginejournal

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