When SEO and PPC Are Done Together For A Website, It Works Wonders!


A lot of people approach PPC and SEO as a completely separate strategy. And when they’re different in several ways, it may be helpful to think of PPC and SEO as being two different sides of same coin. There are different ways in which SEO & PPC efforts go hand in hand with one another and lead to an improved search strategy. Here are a few ways, which make a co-ordinated SEO & PPC better when used together than used one at a time.

  1. The advantage of combining PPC and SEO efforts is basically the added exposure on SERPs. The clients are mostly alured to reduce PPC efforts after a search term gets number one ranking. But it is essential to remember that top 2 or 3 results on most of the search engine results pages are the PPC advertisements. Dominating the paid and organic search results will increase traffic to a great amount and give impression that you are an established business in a specific market.
  2. Running organic as well as PPC campaigns at the same time gives you double the data for analysis. Determine which PPC and organic keywords have highest conversion rate & only use that information for optimising your strategy in general.
  3. What works for pay-per-click usually works for search engine optimisation as well. By determining which of the PPC ad results in most conversions, you will have a great idea on how to create meta descriptions, title tags and page content for the pages, which you wish to organically rank. The advantage of using PPC ads to test page attributes is immediacy of results. You will know quite quickly what works & what does not, while organically testing the titles & meta descriptions may take quite a long span of time.
  4. Google has done some good things when it’s about E-commerce. Now you can link a specific product page to the PPC ads. The ad may feature the product with reviews and take user directly to product page from where the visitor can turn out to be a potential customer. This is in fact a great way of giving your existing efforts of E-commerce a boost.
  5. The objective of PPC ad is mainly to figure out which keywords should your customers use for finding your service or product. Enabling the site search on the site and analysing the terms, which are used frequently, may give a valuable insight into the needs & search habits of your customers.
  6. Very often, you may find people saying negative things about your firm. When this happens, combined PPC and SEO efforts can work wonders in controlling damage. You will be able to guide the conversion a lot more effectively if you control PPC and SEO results for a definite term.

As a SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising agency, Eclick Softwares would love to hear from you about your experience when you’ve used both SEO and PPC efforts simultaneously.


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