The Utility and Functions of Auto Diagnostic Scanners

Auto Diagnostic

Auto diagnostic scanners are user-friendly and beneficial computerized tools that are utilized by newbie drivers as well as professional mechanics to assess important information about various types of vehicle-related problems. These scanners can easily be plugged into the built-in information ports of a vehicle. They are designed to access and interpret messages transferred through the on-board system of diagnostic within a vehicle. There are some more sophisticated scanners which can locate problems in various other vehicular systems like the brakes, the engine and the tires. Launch diagnostics in Ireland are more preferred by newbies and experts alike, for their advanced designs and handy structures.

Every vehicle or automobile manufactured since 1996 has been provided with an inbuilt computer diagnostic system, and a 16-pin port where an auto diagnostic scanner can be plugged. Generally, the port is located somewhere very close to the steering wheel for the ease of users to run a scan while sitting in the driver’s seat. There are, also, different computer chips inside the vehicle which manage various internal components like the transmission, the brakes and the engine. At first, when a scanner is plugged into the port of a vehicle it denotes if the vehicle is safe to be driven, or it requires to be taken to an automotive repair centre immediately. After that, the scanner may be connected to a computer or laptop to access more information about the specific problems within the internal systems. Some scanners are so designed that they can even calculate the approximate cost of the repair works at the automotive repair centre.

Different types of auto diagnostic scanners scan different codes of vehicular problems. While some read codes only of the on-board diagnostic system, others interact with the codes related to more complex systems of the vehicle. Each of the codes represents a specific problem.

  • P0100 to P0199 – These codes signify problems with the exhaust, carburetor and engine’s intake.
  • P0200 to P0299 – The second series of codes deals with combustion cylinders of the engine.
  • P0300 to P0399 – The third series of codes indicates problems with the ignition systems and the output of the engine.
  • P0400 to P0499 – The fourth series denotes problems with the emissions and exhaust control.
  • P0500 to P0599 – The fifth series of codes indicates issues in electrical system of the vehicle.

In accordance with the problem, the corresponding code is logged by the particular system, and that code is scanned by the auto diagnostic scanner.


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