Launch X431 Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

LAUNCH X431 PRODeveloped solely by Launch Tech USA, the Launch X431 automotive diagnostic scanners represent the modern facade of technology and provide automotive diagnostics for independent workshops in simple as well as affordable units. The system is compatible with a wide range of automobile models from all over the world, making them important equipment for an independent automotive technician. Some workshops in Ireland also provide Launch X431 training courses for amateurs and experts alike, so that they can get to know more about these highly sophisticated devices.

With the invention of Launch X431, the days of having to dig through bolts and grease for fixing the problems of a car are finally over. From newbies to experts, anyone can diagnose the issues of a vehicle using Launch X431 without even peeking under the bonnet. Having a cable-free and ergonomic design, these scanners can be connected to a vehicle with the help of wireless OBD and even link with Internet via built-in Wi-Fi in order to gain access to information from relevant repair sites. Having android and Windows based platforms, they allow the user to run multiple applications at the same time without even batting an eyelid and give the feels of working with a PC or tablet.

One of the most beneficial features on the Launch X431 automotive diagnostic scanners is the Identifix Direct-Hit, that provides known solutions and general recommended approach for fixing issues on a particular vehicle model. One can also access the weekly updates for the specific vehicle so that they can provide what’s best.

There are many different operations that Launch X431 scanners can perform on vehicles. The most common ones include advanced testing functions, accurate data testing, reading and clearing trouble code, reading and graphing data stream, creating repair files, module coding, displaying sensor waveforms and accessing maintenance data. Some even come integrated with highly attractive features like handwriting using stylus, personal management of data, mini printer, etc. The Launch X431 has been developed with a one-of-a-kind diagnostic connector design that can be rotated for convenience of user’s operation. It even makes use of just one OBDII connector without keys, which enables speedy communication. The Launch X431 Pro supports the newest of vehicle brands and is compatible with around 200 different types of vehicles of the European automobile industry. It also has inbuilt WiFi and bluetooth, and can be used for establishing internet connections at just a single click.

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