Use Acupuncture to Treat #Menopause

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countrysideMenopause is a physical condition, which reduces the production of the estrogen hormone. This condition leads to fertility disorder in women. It is a natural process which appears with aging or even when a woman undergoes Hysterectomy surgery in which the ovaries are removed from the uterus. Generally, this phase of menopause appears approximately at the age of 50 but some woman may face it earlier or even later depending on their physical health. But most of the woman cannot accept this physical condition and also experiences some other health related problems. Most of the women experience early symptoms like irritability, sleeping disorder and also night sweat and hot flashes, urinary urgency, dryness in the vaginal area, fatigue, depression, join and knee pain, memory loss and mood swinging.

 At this stage a woman needs to be taken care of properly otherwise this may lead to severe health problems. In the earlier days estrogen replacement therapy was considered to be the best therapy but now it is not encouraged. If we refer to the Chinese medicine process, then acupuncture is one such treatment which seems to be very much useful in treating the menopause symptoms and other symptoms related with it. The medicine goes deep inside and cures the problems from the root level. According to this theory of acupuncture, the organs usually cannot function properly if the energy over there is not in a balanced state. Different level of stress, lack of exercise and proper diet, over work or any kind of emotional stress leads to imbalance of energies in the body. Women lose the “Yin” energy in their body along with the onset of menopause.

It has been found that menopause in Northern Beaches is cured with the help of acupuncture. The acupuncture treatment is done with the help of a needle to restore the energy. Sharp needles are used on the specific points in the body. Sometimes herbal formulas are also recommended by an acupuncturist. The cooling effects of the herb along with acupuncture treatment help to cure the problems.

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