Can Acupuncture Help Women Get #Pregnant?

pregnancy NBDoes an acupuncture prick help get a woman pregnant? Let us find it out!

The method seems to have limited success when used with IVF (in vitro fertilization). The IVF methods involve fertilizing the eggs of a woman with sperm in a lab and then implanting the viable embryo in the uterus of woman. Hypnosis, yoga and acupuncture are complimentary therapies for in vitro fertilization and are performed with the objective of increasing the opportunity of a successful pregnancy.

Researchers found out that acupuncture provided no advantage to patients who visited IVF clinics with the history of having higher than the average success rates in pregnancy. Acupuncture increased the rate of pregnancy, but for patients who were below the average IVF clinics.

However, the use of acupuncture with IVF has seen mixed results. Although IVF is available for more than thirty years, the success rates of pregnancy remain low. There are even many women who have turned to this therapeutic treatment for increasing their odds of being pregnant via IVF. This treatment became more famous after it was featured on ‘Sex and the City’, the TV program. However, there is no evidence that this therapy helps women to get pregnant when used with IVF.

As per traditional Chinese medicine, body of a human has an energy known chi that travels all over the body along the meridians. And in this practice, the needles of acupuncture stimulate a few points below skin to unblock and help regulate the chi flow and thus help in healing. The Chine tradition has used this therapy for thousands of years for improving fertility. Even the acupuncture proponents say that the body of female has different points associated with fertility. Some doctors in Northern Beaches, Sydney have hypothesized that it reduces stress and increases the flow of blood to the uterus, which in turn increases the chances of pregnancy in NB.

Many studies have recently been conducted in Australia on whether acupuncture really helps women to get pregnant. The study showed positive results. For a three months before commencement of an IVF cycle, it’s very useful to use acupuncture. This leads to a healthy lining on womb and ensures sufficient supply of blood for nourishing the endometrium of womb and ovaries and helping develop more follicles before the collection.

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