Men Love Receiving #Flowers Too!

IMG00436-20100613-1655It is a known fact that women love receiving fresh flowers in all kinds of occasion. But did you know that men too love receiving flowers like women. Although they keep this fact secretly in their hearts, they would love to get flowers as gifts on their occasions. So, whether the person is your dad, friend, son or husband, you can make him feel special on any occasion by gifting him a bouquet of flowers or a bunch of flower arrangements.

But before you choose flowers for them, you need to know what kind of flowers are usually preferred by men. Here is a guide which will help you know the tastes of men when it comes to flowers.

A simple guide to follow:


  •  Colour of flowers is one of the most important things, which you need to keep in your mind, while purchasing a bouquet or arrangement. Men usually prefer colors like red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and gold. They respond best to bright and bold colors. Never buy traditional feminine designs or pastel color flowers for them. If you are not sure what kind of flower your son, husband, friend or father would like, you can gift him by sending a dish garden or a plant. However, some excellent flower choices for men include roses, sunflowers, irises and gerbera daisies. You can even buy green flowers like carnations and cymbidium orchids for him.
  • It’s best to send exotic or contemporary arrangements. Natural or linear styles are better received than the fluffy ones. While picking an arrangement, you can incorporate his hobby in the design. For instance, if he loves playing golf, you can include a box of golf balls. If he a car freak, you can tuck in a car magazine.
  • You should also consider the occasion when choosing the flower. Usually flowers for apology or sympathy must be more subdued in design and color, whereas flowers for love, birthdays, holidays or congratulations should be brighter and must have an exciting design.
  • Look for the flowers that have interesting and strong shapes. You are sure to get appreciation when you gift them with flowers having this feature. If you don’t know which flowers have this feature, you can ask the florist from where you are buying the flowers. However, orchids, lupine, bird of paradise and bearded iris have stronger shapes. But look for them in shops that provide online flower delivery in Morwell.
  • Even the scent of flowers matter a lot. Opt for flowers that have masculine scents like spicy, musky, fruit, candy and earthy.

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