How to Keep Yourself Safe From Mosquito Biting During Monsoon in Kolkata, West Bengal

This time of the year, we all encounter splashes of rain and mostly it is a good experience unless you encounter deadly mosquitos in your locality. Several localities of Kolkata stay water logged for several days (sometimes weeks) at a stretch. This leads to exponential growth of mosquitos and needless to say multiple diseases, which ends up being registered in several hospitals in Kolkata.

we present you some of the ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito biting.

1.Avoid prominent fragrances
Though smelling nice sounds extremely pleasant itself, amidst of a mosquito, it is a negative factor for you because it will attract more and more mosquitos towards you. For the same, try to go for unscented soaps, shampoo, oils, and creams.

2.Dress well to minimize exposure
Try to wear loose fitting clothes covering the entire length of legs and with full sleeve. This will minimize the area exposed for effortless biting. Also chose the colors wisely. Go with the light colors, as darker colors attract mosquito.

3.Use net to restrict entry
Secure nets on the windows, ventilation, and doors and thereby minimize the number of mosquito succeeding to be able to fly near you.

4.Discourage stagnant water
Having stagnant water is a safe haven for mosquitos. Thus, discourage and stop any activity that makes water stagnant for more than a couple of hours.

5.Use insect repellent
Not every mosquito can be stopped from entering the parameter of habitat, stop the ones that get inside from biting you with the help of insect repellent. If are allergic or need to use them frequently you can choose natural repellent like essential oil of citronella etc.

6.Facilitate air circulation
Mosquitos are very poor in terms of flight. So, keep your surroundings airy to facilitate frequent air circulation.

7.While traveling avoid mosquito prone zones-
Encountering mosquito during trips and vacation is very common as well. Even though mosquito seems to be everywhere, they breed in a larger population and spread diseases in certain areas more than others, so avoid those places. Check the prevalence of diseases caused by vector mosquito of the place before going for vacation.

However, despite these precautions, several illnesses spread by this deadly vector make their way to our immune system and onsets conditions like dengue, malaria, yellow fever etc. In event of any such condition, don’t waste precious moments and consult the nearest hospital in Kolkata.

Guest Blog: The author of this blog is Piyali Bhaumik, a medical intern. She is undergoing training general medicine and likes to share her knowledge through articles and blogs. Her hobbies include music and photography.


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