How to Decorate Your Dinner Table This Independence Day?

Independence Day 2021 is here. It’s a day off for everyone. And since you are going to be there at home watching live I-Day parade on TV & munching on yummy delicacies and partying, why not make your food item look and feel more patriotic by decorating your dinner table in 15th of August theme. So let’s gear up and spice up our dinner table with saffron, white, green and blue tableware. Order online dining accessories and get them delivered fast. Things you can buy include:

Aqua bowls: You can serve crème caramel, fresh cut fruits or a delectable fruit cream in this Aqua Bowl. The bowl has a contemporary design and will make a grand display. It is going to sit pretty well on the table match the theme of the day.

Bamboo fibre white plates: Made up of natural bamboo, these plates are durable and lightweight. They are perfectly sized for mid-meal snacks and can complement the dinner table during mealtimes. They are a great alternative to melamine or plastic plates.

Boat shaped green bowls: These bowls are a great addition to the dinnerware at homes. You can use them to serve salads, rice, curries, fruits and pasta.

Saffron ceramic platter: This ceramic platter can add a classy touch to your dining table and can turn out to be a perfect addition to a dinner party of 15th August celebration. You can display food items like cookies, cupcakes, snacks, pastries, fruits, appetizers, veggies and momos in this serving plate.

Green ice cream bowl with stem: Any kind of delectable dessert needs to be served in a stunning cutlery because that will make your guests feel on top of the world when they will bid goodbye. With this sumptuous ice cream bowl as part of your tableware collection, you can ensure that your 15th August celebration will end on a splendidly sweet note.

Planters: Nurturing green in ceramic planters has become a contemporary home trend. So, you can go for it to give your Independence Day theme a decent & elegant look. Buy any of the tri colours and pot indoor plants like palm, bamboo and money plant to bring beauty to your dinner table.

So, decorate your dinner table for Independence Day and see how much more enjoyable and delectable the food will be. The Gallery Store in Kolkata has everything that you need for accentuating your dining area in 15th of August theme.

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