After A Decade Of legal Fights & Court Proceedings, Zambezi Portland Case is Finally Over

The case of Zambezi Portland Cement has been one of the most troublesome for Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani. Despite the fact that Dr. Mahtani had all evidences, factual data, agreement papers and testimonials that were enough for proving his claim that Zambezi Portland Cement belonged to him, the court proceedings at the Lusaka High Court dragged for more than a decade. And even after that, the judge residing the case at the Lusaka High Court gave a controversial judgement declaring Ventriglias as only shareholders of the Portland Cement. Prompted by this unethical decision, Dr. Rajan Mahtani then approached the Court of Appeal.

The decision from the Court of Appeal came on 31st January 2019, and was quick and transparent. While Lusaka HC took a decade to announce its final decision on the case that too a controversial one, justice Mwinde on behalf of Court of Appeal shared evidences related to the case while giving the final judgement. The first evidence was the transaction of 1 billion kwachas from Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s end to Zambezi Portland Cement. This payment covered the 58 percent shares of the Zambezi Portland factory which Dr. Mahtani took over. This payment is further mentioned in the original shareholders agreement which was established in the year 2007. This shareholders’ agreement also stated that Dr. Rajan Mahtani was not liable to any more costs or charges associated with the factory and by gaining 58 percent shares of the factory, he is the lawful proprietor of the cement factory.

With this decision, it is an established fact that Dr. Mahtani is indeed the real owner of the Zambezi Portland Cement factory.

Guest Blog(News)Author- Zambezi News, Zambia


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