6 FAQs Answered By Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic In Reading

Congratulations to the expecting mothers in Reading!

6 FAQs answered by Ultrasound baby scan clinic in Reading. (1)

Becoming pregnant for the first time can be frantic and may leave you restless. You may feel you are on a roller coaster ride for nine months which is a long time. Commonly, expecting mothers may have many questions during their pregnancy regarding the well being and the growth of the unborn baby. For example, What to eat and drink? What activities should be avoided? When to travel and till how far? When is the best time to visit for ultrasound baby scans clinic? So, it is no wonder that wanna-be mothers may have numerous questions regarding the above mentioned topics.

In this blog, I have come up with some of the questions which some mother to-be asked me while I interviewed them. Also, I have consulted with a well-known sonographer of a baby scan clinic at Reading.

So, here are six of the FAQs that have been answered by the ultrasound baby scan clinic in Reading.

Question #1. What is Ultrasound baby scan?

Ultrasound baby scan uses the high-frequency sound waves to create the outline picture of the baby inside your bump.

Question #2. What can an ultrasound baby scan show?

Ultrasound baby scan has numerous benefits and also helps to reveal:

– Your stage of pregnancy and the due date,
– Number of babies you are carrying,
– To-be born baby’s anatomy, movement, and size
– To-be born baby’s heart rate and heart function
– The location of the placenta
– Certain complications and birth defects

Question #3. When is the best time to have the first ultrasound baby scan?

It is best to visit the ultrasound baby scan clinic between 6 to 9 weeks for the first baby scan. This confirms that you are expecting a baby. Your doctor may suggest more baby scans to check your unborn baby’s growth, well being, position of the baby in the bump and other pregnancy-related factors.

Question #4. Difference between 2D and 3D baby scans?

2D ultrasound baby scans give a flat looking images. This helps diagnose the internal organs of the baby.

With a 3D baby scan, you can see your unborn baby in three-dimensional images. This helps to reveal more internal and external issues of the baby from different angles. This provides more clarity to the doctors to diagnose properly if there is any other problem regarding the growth and development of the to-be born baby.

Question #5. Is it safe to have an ultrasound baby scan?

There is no proven theory that ultrasound baby scans can cause any harm either to the unborn baby or to the expecting mother. Therefore, it is considered safe.

Question #6. What is the best time to visit the ultrasound baby scan clinic for a 3D/4D baby scan?

The 3D/4D ultrasound baby scan can be performed from 16-34 weeks. It is highly recommended to make your booking for when you are between 28-34 weeks pregnant as the images are usually the best at this stage of your pregnancy.

Many ultrasound baby scan clinic in Reading provides the best experience for the wanna-be mothers. Before visiting any baby scan clinic, make sure to know the clinic properly and the facilities they are offering.

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Guest Author: Mrs. Olivia
Reading, United Kingdom

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  1. Actually I am looking for an ultrasound baby scan clinic in Reading. The blogs helps me to find more information about the clinic. Thank You. xx

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