My First Pregnancy Experience: Both Good & Bad Ones

3101633.jpegAs we all know, pregnancy is both hot and cold so here I’m going to share my first pregnancy experience with you all today. My first pregnancy was like a beautiful journey where you mostly enjoy the journey and not the destination. After giving birth to my baby boy, I even thought of relieving the experience.

But, life doesn’t come with a rewind option and once I stepped into motherhood I got a new level of maturity which was missing from me before being pregnant.

Of course, I religiously did things expected from every pregnant woman. I stopped drinking wine and scheduled regular sonography appointments from Peterborough’s top baby scan clinic. The moment I carried out the home pregnancy test kit, I was in seventh heaven. But I told myself, “Wait, it means I’ll have to say ciao adios to the celebratory wine I drink on Saturday, oh no”! Ditching wine during pregnancy and breastfeeding was difficult but I had to do it for the new love of my life.


Many women believe pregnancy to be painful and dreadful but I cherished my pregnancy. Surely, I won’t deny the fact that I had my fair share of obstacles during pregnancy but it was all worth it for my little angel. I was naive and inexperienced so I read many pregnancy books, watched videos on YouTube, read some articles related to pregnancy on internet, joined a birth club, and consulted with my OB doctor throughout my pregnancy.

Now, let me come to the most hated part of my pregnancy, the evergreen nauseating morning sickness. I discovered I was sensitive to the smell of fish when I went with my partner to introduce ourselves to our neighbours who recently moved in, and they were busy cooking Salmon and ginger fish cakes. I just couldn’t tolerate the smell of raw fish even though I’m a hardcore seafood lover.

Nonetheless, I used to have ginger ale to curb the symptoms. Gradually, after my first trimester, morning sickness was nowhere to be seen. The other pregnancy symptoms I encountered were I had to constantly use the toilet as I used to urinate every half an hour, also I faced constipation so my mother advised me to drink green smoothies to have proper bowel movements.

green smoothie


I was very particular about my baby scans and went for various scans like Growth & Development scans, Reassurance scans, Gender scan, and my favourite 4D scan. I went to Window to the Womb, a private ultrasound baby scanning services provider in Peterborough. They have many baby scan offers or packages which can be easily accessed online from their official website.

Since my pregnancy was complication free, I had a normal delivery and obviously, that scared me to death. My labour was thankfully not dificult but not easy either. I was told to do pregnancy yoga for easy labour and also performed perineal massages during the final months of my pregnancy.

I won’t overwhelm you with many details about my delivery but there’s one thing I would like to add is to listen to your body, period. There’s no right way or wrong way, and do what’s the best for you.

Hope you learnt something from my experience. My favourite part of my pregnancy was regular visits to the baby scan clinic as that was the only place where I could see my little boy before birth.


Guest Author: Mrs. Bethny
Peterborough, United Kingdome


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