26 Unique Unisex Baby Names Along with Their Meanings – Part 2

To know the gender of your to-be-born child has become very easy. The gender scan clinic has a very equipped method to learn the gender of your baby accurately. This helps decide your baby’s name beforehand. But sometimes parents opt for unisex names too. In the previous blog, we suggested some unique unisex baby names along with their meanings of the first 13 alphabets. In this blog, we carry on to the next 13 alphabets.


Also named Noelle, it means Christmas. The name Noel originated from French. In medieval times, Noel was used as a gift to a child born around Christmas. It is a very popular name among boys, but in recent times parents use this name for girls too.


Such a common word, yet Ocean is an uncommon name that would remind you of nature and big vast oceans. It is derived from the Greek language Okeanos. It is a name perfect for both genders representing strength and also peace and calm.


This name is full of history and meaning, which would be perfect for your newborn. It is mostly known as the legendary bird Phoniex, which means dark red and the legend is they are immortal birds who die and rises from the ashes. Remember Fawkes if you are a fan of Harry Potter. So whether you are having a boy or a girl, the name Phoneix has a nice ring to it.


Originated from Irish, Quinn represents the descendant of the chief and having wisdom, intelligence, and reason. This name although a bit popular but can be used both as first or last name for boy and girl.


A gender-neutral name that has the origin from Irish and Scottish. It means Little ruler or child of the king. If you think your child has the abilities to become a good leader, you can name Reagan or Regan.


It means peaceful in Hebrew. It is a popular name along with the name of the site where the crucial battle American civil war occurred. Shiloh for girls and Shilo for boys is a very unique name.


A gender-neutral name also has the variations Tristian, Tristen. A name belonging to one of the brave knights of the round table from the Arthurian Legend would be an inspiration for your child too.


It is of the Hebrew origin and the meaning is “Jehovah is my Light”. If you are Christian you can give this biblical name to your child where Uriah is one of King David’s Warrior.


It’s a Latin name meaning evening star and evening prayer. If your child is born in the evening this vesper would be the perfect name.


It is an English name for a songbird. If you are a music lover you can give this name to your child. Though at first popular among the boys Wren is a name for a girl too.


Xoese is an extraordinary unique name of African origin meaning Faith or Believe.


Not so much popular anymore Yule is of Anglo- Saxon origin. Another name for Christmas time you can name your baby the same if you are a Christmas lover or born during that time.


It also means radiance, brilliance, and light of God, Ziv is a unique name of Hebrew origin.

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So, you can pick any name you want from this list which would be perfect for your child either way, whether you get to know your baby’s gender from gender scan clinic or not, before your child’s birth.

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