26 Unique Unisex Baby Names With Their Meanings – Part 1

Naming your child is always a big deal. Whenever the parents-to-be try to decide on possible baby names, there are so many things they consider. They think about the baby’s possible personality and try to give a name likewise. Some parents just find out the gender and pick a girl’s or a boy’s name. But if you are one of those parents who have opted out of the gender scan clinic, then we can help you pick up a unique unisex name. Not only they sound cool, but they are also meaningful. So, here we enlist the names with first 13 alphabets.

Aryn: A variant of the name Aaron, Aryn is a unisex name derived from Hebrew and Old Norse Origins. The meaning of Aryn is enlightened and a mountain of strength. Your child will get strength from his name itself while growing up.

Brett: Brett or Brette can be used for both boy and girl. Originated from Celtic, French Brett means Breton, someone from Brittany who arrived in medieval England after the Norman conquest and settled in East Anglia. If you like history and want to name your child after something historical and unique, then Brett is a great name.

Cohen: It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘priest’. But it also has links to music. So if you are a passionate music lover or belong to a priest family, this name would be ideal.

Dayton: The name Dayton is an English Baby name. In English Baby Names the significance of the name Dayton is Day town; light town. A child tends to bring happiness and light around us.

Emerson: Originally a name for boys, this name is now used for girls too. Brave and powerful, Emerson was the name of son of Emery.

Finley: This name started out as a female version of Finn. But now it has become an uniex name. Translated from Gaelic, it means a hero or battle warrior with fair skin.

Greer: A latin name also used as Grier, is a very uncommon name. It means a watchful and vigilant guardian. Greer makes a decent, sophisticated first-name prosec.

Hayden: Although not so unique, but it is still not so popular among girls. It is an english name meanng hayden.

Idris: Still in the uncommon unisex baby list, Idris originates from Welsh and Arabic. In Welsh, it means ardent lord and in Arabic it may mean “interpreter”.

Jocelyn: Full form of Joss, it is derived from the French surname of Josceline. Joscelin is gotten from the out of date Gautzelin, which discovers its root in the Germanic tribal name Gauts. It can be both a masculine name and a sophisticated name.

Kieran: An Irish name, Kieran is the Irish form of the Gaelic Ciarán, which is from ciar (dark, black), a word signifying “black-haired” or “dark-haired” when used for people. It is an uncommon yet fun name.

Leighton: It has other variations as Leyton, Layton, Leighten, Layten, Leightun, Laytun. It is an original english name meaning a town near the meadow.

Merrick: It is originated from Welsh, meaning ‘fame and power’.

In the next month we will come back with our 2nd installments comprising the names starting with the remaining alphabets. Keep watching this space for the next segment.

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