Bariatric Surgery in India – A Viable Option?

For people who are under the clutch of obesity, bariatric surgery is always an available option. Nonetheless, one should consider this surgery only if they are willing to make permanent adjustments to their lives in terms of eating habits and activities. There have been cases where patients have complained that this surgery has failed to make them slimmer. Sadly, the truth is the lack of knowledge made the difference.

Bariatric Surgery, also known as Gastric Bypass Surgery, involves a process where a band is placed on the stomach that restricts the ability to consume food. This results in a lower intake of food by the patient and hence, the process of weight loss begins. One aspect that is ignored by many is the personal effort that patients are expected to put in. Whenever there is a case of bariatric surgery, the surgeon first asks the patients to make radical changes in their diet along with exercising. Doing these two things before the surgery makes the body stronger and makes the beginning of the weight loss process. The post-surgery same routine needs to be followed on a perpetual basis.

The sad part is that most patients fail to keep themselves determined and consider surgery as the overall solution to weight loss. Everybody is aware of the fact that fast/junk food such as pizza, burger, etc., contributes to obesity and consumption of green vegetables makes such as stronger. However, very few can comprehend exactly what to eat and in what quantities. This is why most of the weight loss programs start with determination but lose their value in the long-term.

Bariatric surgery in India can be considered as a partnership. A situation where the surgeon and the patient work together to overcome obesity. First, the patient decides to fight obesity and starts off by maintaining a strict diet and offering dedicated sessions to exercise. Then the surgeon takes charge and operates on the patient who is now stronger than before. Once the surgery is executed, the patients need to understand that the game is won, but not forever. So, diet and exercise need to be continued throughout to ensure that obesity doesn’t make a comeback.

Before starting off with any strict diet or rigorous exercise routine, it is always advised to consult a health expert who is well versed with planned weight loss.


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