Top 5 Places For Enjoying Christmas In Philippines

1. San Fernando

San Frenando in Christmas

During Christmas, an annual lantern festival held in San Fernando. The event is exhibit with full of light and music. It is nice place to visit in mild whether in Christmas.

2. Zambales

Zambles in Christmas

Some people like to spend their Christmas by camping, away from unnecessary noise and pollution.For them Zambales is a great location to go for camping during Christmas in Philippines.

3.Cebu City

Cebu city in christmas

Cebu city had some iconic churches and some beautiful places that are best for your Christmas holiday. The place is also known for their best food items. So don’t forget have some amazing food in Christmas.

4. Palawan

Palawan in Christmas

Palawan island is the best place to visit for couples and for families. It is also know as the “Christmas In Pradise” so it is best to visit during christmas.

5. Davao City

Davao city in Christmas

Places like Eden Nature Park, Matina Town Square & People’s Park decoration sparkles up the Davao City during Christmas. You can enjoy Christmas eve with your family by visiting these places.


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