Electric Guitars: Its Different Body Styles Explained


An electric guitar is the most versatile and unique type of a musical instrument. Any musical band is incomplete without an electric guitar. There are different types of electric guitars available at present. At Global Music, a popular online guitar supplier in the Philippines, many guitarists have found a perfect guitar for themselves. They provide a perfect solution for guitar hunting online. But before starting to shop for the same, it is important to know its different body styles. There are mainly three types of guitar body styles. They are the solid body, semi-hollow, and hollow body instruments. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Solid body Instruments:

Solid body instruments are guitars made of solid pieces of wood. There are a variety of solid body guitars that makes it a perfect one for different musicians. The best one is the Fender Stratocaster. It was launched in the year 1954 and ever since then, it is the most recognizable one. It has been used in a huge variety of genres such as rock, pop, folk, country, blues and so on. Another common one is the Fender Telecaster. Best known for country music as it delivers the most unique and distinct sound. The Super Strat is another different one. It came after the Stratocaster and therefore little better than the typical Fender Stratocaster. It is best suited for rock. The Gibson Les Paul is a heavyweight to play blues and heavy rocks. It is more expensive than the Fender ones and not a suitable one for beginners. The Gibson SG, on the other hand, is the lightweight and long neck. It is most suitable to play blues and metal music. It is both simple and versatile and preferred by many.

Semi-Hollow Instruments:

Semi-hollow instruments are guitars with the hollow body. These guitars are commonly played in jazz, blues, and rocks. They have a similar tone like solid body guitars. The perfect example is Gibson ES-335.

Hollow Body Instruments:

Hollow body instruments are guitars that do not have a wood block and therefore looks similar to a semi-hollow instrument except that the present one has a higher presence of acoustic-like tone. A good example is Gibson ES-175. This one is loved by jazz musicians, especially who prefer to play solo.

Hope this article will provide you to identify the key differences before picking up the electric guitar body type. You guitarists are not only musicians but a style icon too. Therefore, do not compromise with your style statement and pick the best one from the above that suits your personality.

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