How Playing a Musical Instrument Benefits Your Brain?

At least once in a lifetime, we get to hear this from someone who is close to our heart- ‘Playing a musical instrument is good for you’. Have you ever asked them how and why should you learn to play piano or a synthesizer? We are sure you haven’t. Well, we will provide you with the answer. It is a true exercise and creates a dramatic impact on your brain.

musical instrument philippines

It Strengthens Memory: Learning a musical instrument ask for full concentration and hence we learn to concentrate and be patient at the same time. This improves your ability to remember things for long. A study has revealed that when a child learns an instrument has a better memory and the effect remains till the adulthood even if he has left this practice long years ago.

It increases the blood flow in the brain: An increased blood flow leads to more oxygen being brought to parts of the body and strengthen those areas. So, next time you feel tired mentally, instead of sipping a cup of coffee, practice the piano or a guitar for 30 minutes.

It enhances the coordination: Playing an instrument requires hand and eye coordination. It requires you to read the musical notes and play the same at the same time while also adding breathing and rhythm to it.

It increases connection with others: If you have played in a band, you will understand it better. It is a wonderful experience that connects with your bandmates to stay in sync and avoid musical nutcase. This connection leads to a strong team building experience and deeper friendships.

It improves reading and comprehension skills: Music requires constant reading and comprehension. For example, black and white notes need to be translated to a finger/slide position. Alongside, you have to read the arrangement of rhythms and notes and then produce the correct pattern.

It helps to recover the brain from an injury: People who have suffered brain injury or stroke can benefit from musical training. Ask a sufferer and he will tell you about its magical effects.

It reduces stress and depression: A person suffering from depression, anxiety, or any kind of stress can get some benefit while playing music. It is a good idea to learn a musical instrument of his choice to relieve work-related stress etc.

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