Foods To Include In Diet During Pregnancy

Mama wants salad, but baby wants cheeseburgers”- Anonymous

pregnant and happy

You’re pregnant and you are the happiest because you’re soon to be a mother of a little life, it’s a wonderful time of your life, but then the hunger attacks you like a hailstorm! You know that it is not just you but the growing life inside you needs all the things you want to eat.

But apparently, you can’t just eat every single thing your body craves for. So here we present you a list of diet that you need to follow apart from having a baby scan to ensure a safe pregnancy.

A pregnant woman needs more folic acid, iron, calcium, and protein to maintain their health during pregnancy. The pregnant woman has to keep filling the needs of these nutrients in her body to keep herself and her baby healthy and safe.

Let’s take a look at the foods that are crucial for this period and must be taken care of along with baby scans:

Vegetables and fruitsVegetables and fruits: During this time you should eat more fruits and vegetables. Mostly during the second and third semester. These are the most advised foods by doctors as they are low in calories and full of fiber and minerals and vitamins.

meat, eggs, fish, cheese
Protein: Take protein foods such as meat, eggs, fish, cheese, milk, tofu, nuts, and beans. Her almost every meal should be enriched with these foods. At least one or two is the must.


Whole grains: Carbohydrate is needed. It’s no weight loss thing that you can have a low carb thing, no that fancy just don’t apply here. Here you have to eat healthy foods. So, whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice are really healthy.

Dairy foods
Dairy foods: Go for 3 or 4 intakes of dairy food, like milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Foods to take in less amount during pregnancy

  • Caffeine: Taking less than 200mg of coffee a day is enough for the pregnant mother. It is considered safe for this time period.
  • Fish: Some fish can be harmful to the health. Like tuna. You can take salmon and sardines as they are with omega-3 fatty acids. Which is really good for your health.

Foods to avoid totally during pregnancy :

  • Alcohol:  It is an absolute no-no during the pregnancy.
  • Fish with a high level of mercury in them.

And for the last reminder of following a healthy balance through food is quit smoking. If you want yourself and your baby to be healthy, you have to leave that part entirely.


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