Blue Whale Game: 10 Important Information for Parents!

The killer Blue Whale game targeting young adults and encouraging them to harm themselves. Here we bring to you common signs that parents and  teachers need to watch out for:

10 Signs to watch out for

  1. If your child is spending long hours on gadgets.
  2. If he/she is drowsy in the morning.(all the challenges involve waking up at 4.20 am.)
  3. If your child has started to lock his room.
  4. If he/she has hurt marks on his arms or thighs.
  5. If your child has suddenly started watching horror movies.
  6. If he/she is putting strange updates on his social media pages.
  7. If your child has started spending time on terrace alone.
  8. If your child shows sudden outburst of anger.
  9. If he/she starts to withdraw from friends and family.
  10. If your child loses interest in activities that they used to enjoy earlier.

Things to do

Sync your phone with your child’s phone and keep a track on their mobile activity.Do not interrogate your child. Instead, try to explore by having a friendly discussion. If you see any attempt of self-harm, go straight to a psychiatrist instead of a physician.Engage more with the teachers and school authorities. Encourage them to have mental health activities in school.

Souce: Times of India



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