Harmful Effects Of Excessive Weight On Health

Harmful Effects Of Excessive Weight On Health
Majority of people around the world suffer from obesity or excessive weight due to several reasons. A person can gain weight for multiple causes, including hereditary diseases, consumption of excessive fast food, lack of exercise and so on. However, after gaining an huge amount of weight, people focus more on how to shed body fat by consulting with any reputed health professional in Toowoomba. Generally, they opt for losing weight in order to achieve an appealing look.

However, it is equally important to control weight and not to gain more of it in the first place. There are several harmful illnesses that can be avoided in the process –

1. Heart disease – It is believed excessive weight gain is directly related to several heart diseases. And they include congestive heart failure, chest pain and even sudden cardiac stroke.

2. Cancer – Cancer can also be caused by obesity, and may one or more parts of the body, including lining of the uterus, prostate, gall bladder, kidney, colon and breast.

3. Breathing problems – Breathing problems are one of the most common issues seen in people who are overweight. They include hyperventilation syndrome, severe bronchitis, asthma and respiratory insufficiency.

4. Pregnancy complications – According to many researches, gaining too much of weight can lead to infertility as well. On the other hand, to-be-moms and babies can have to go through several health complications both before and after pregnancy due to the mother being obese. Expectant mothers can suffer from high blood pressure, and the baby’s health also may get randomly affected because of the same.

5. Fatty liver disease – Fatty liver can also be caused due to gaining excessive weight. This mainly happens because of insulin resistance disorder. According to studies, it’s been found that the higher is the BMI (Body Mass Index) of an individual with fatty liver, the greater will be the chances of liver damage.

6. Social issues – A fat man or woman will always feel uncomfortable to attend any kind of gathering. This is because whenever they meet a person at some party, they might be asked as to how and why they have been they gaining so much weight. These questions can further trigger anxiety and depression, which is not at all good for the one’s health.

So, it is always advisable to live a healthy life by maintaining a systematic & disciplined lifestyle and controlling weight gain through proven & effective methods.

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